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The Research Training and Development section (RTDS) aims to enhance the clinical research capacities of individuals and institutions through training, mentorship, and collaboration with local and international institutes. RTDS offers three core services to support KAIMRC and MNGHA health professionals: Education services, scholarship/postdoctoral support services, and public relation and media services.

Education Services Unit offers an extensive range of clinical basic research training to help prepare clinician-scientists to carry different type of researches. It includes but not limited to: Residents Research Program, Clinical Research Coordinator Program, Research Methodology Course, Good Clinical Practice – ICH, and Research Summer School.

Scholarship and Post-Doctorate Services Unit aims to administer, support, monitor, and evaluate the progress of scholars and post-doc appointees. Moreover, the unit works as a liaison between the appointees and KAIMRC sections to facilitate the process and create better experiences.

Public Relation and Media Services Unit covers KAIMRC events and campaigns through the following channels: social media platforms, audio/visual media, and printed materials. This unit facilitates community activities and campaigns that aimed at raising awareness of KAIMRC functions, such as the Cord Blood Bank, and Saudi Stem Cell Donor campaigns.

Dr. Ibraheem Bushnak, an expert in basic sciences/nanotechnology, is the head of Research Training and Development Section at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC), Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs.

Prior to joining at KAIMRC, Dr. Bushnak had post-doctoral fellowship from University of Alberta/National Institute of Nanotechnology, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He obtained Masters of Science (MSc) in Medical Physics, and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, UK, focusing on biomaterial nano-coatings. Moreover, Dr. Bushnak earned Bachelor of Science (BSc) of Chemistry and Biology from University of Pacific Stockton, California, USA.

Dr. Bushnak has presented courses and lectures for scientists and students to promote research skills such as “Manuscript Writings”, “Literature Review”, and “Introduction to Nanotechnology”. He organized 7th and 8th Annual Research Forum, Clinical Research Methodology Course, Proposals Writing Workshop, and High School Training Program. He was a program director of the 8th and 9th Research Summer School and the Resident Research Program cohort 1&2.

Dr. Bushnak has served as chair in three conferences: Stem Cell Conference, Trends in Cancer (bench to bedside), and Saudi Society of Medical Genetic conference. Moreover, he is Chairman of KAIMRC Research Scholarship & Training Committee, and a member of Master degree program committee in Biomedical Research.

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