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The goal of the Saudi Biobank is to increase the quality of patient care and accelerate the impact of research on such care. It will implement the highest standards of biological banking to provide outstanding clinical, medical, demographical, and analytical data.

The Saudi Biobank is designed as a longitudinal investigation of demographical and environmental factors influencing illnesses in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Biobank’s objective is to implement the highest standards of biological banking as it is vital for building genomic/proteomics databases.

These databases will increase the quality of healthcare by creating a link between lifestyle, environment, and clinical practice. The biological samples at the Saudi Biobank will include buffy coat, serum, urine and tissues.

The Saudi Bio-bank team is targeting 200,000 individuals and diseased subjects for fluid and solid body tissue samples, while DNA/RNA reservoir capacity is 1.8 million matrix tubes for genetic diseases seen in day-to-day clinical practice. The Saudi Biobank has launched a complete automated DNA banking system that carries out a full robotic extraction of DNA from blood, followed by banking the samples at -20˚C. The retrieval of the samples is also auto-programmed by the LIMS system.


Fellowship of the American School Health Association (FASHA), October 2000

Doctoral Degree of Public Health (Family Health) High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University, 1987

Diploma of Child Health, Glasgow, 1996

Master Degree of Public Health (Family Health) High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University, 1983

MB, Ch.N. Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, 1978


Head – Biobanking Section – King Abdullah International Research Center

Chairman – Retrospective Research Sub Committee – KAIMRC

Chair, Research Council of American School Health Association (ASHA)

W.H.O. Temporary Advisor in Damascus, Syria -Sept 2007

W.H.O. Temporary Advisory in Vancouver, Canada – June 2007

W.H.O. Short Term Consultant in Muscat, Oman – April 2007

W.H.O. Short Term Consultant in Kabul, Afghanistan – December 2006

Professor of Family Health, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University, 1998 – Present

W.H.O. Temporary Advisor in Sana’a, Yemen – December 2005

W.H.O. Short Term Consultant in Muscat, Oman – April-May 2002

Skills & Research Interests


Public Health

Child Health

Family & Community Medicine

  • Pilot phase III of the Saudi Biobanking project(School cohort project in Iskan)
  • Pattern of Trauma Injuries and Predictors of Survival in Patients Admitted to a Tertiary Care Setting in Central Saudi Arabia
  • Assessment of institutional Capacity Readiness of Primary Health Care Centers to integrate Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control Strategies at National Guard Health Affair, Saudi Arabia
  • Pattern of use and perception towards smart phones and its health-related applications among health care providers at King Abdulaziz Medical City,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Predictors of Quality of Life and Glycemic Control Among Saudi Adults with Diabetes
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