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The Infectious Disease Section is divided into the following units:

KAIMRC is endeavoring to establish a fully-equipped virology lab that provides comprehensive and innovative virology testing services to our country and the entire Gulf Region. This service will range from viral cultures to molecular typing and sequencing of different viruses. In addition, it shall seek to develop new detection and isolation assays in response to the newly emerging viruses (H1N1 and MERS-CoV) that satisfy our clinical and research needs. While the mycology lab will be targeted towards the end of our first five-year cycle, it will provide mycological research including isolation, identification, and genotyping.

The goal of this lab is to commission an environmental lab that will serve the purposes of national and international research and focus on the behavior and nature of regional environmental pathogens. Furthermore, we are investigating factors that influence the survival of microbial pathogens in our environment and the potential or means of trans-contamination, ultimately stopping the spread of infection.

The mission of this lab is the inclusion of research projects on emerging BSL3 pathogens such as dengue fever, rift valley and others by using genetic, cellular, and molecular biology approaches. In addition, there is importance associated with the usage of this data to understand the mechanisms of disease and identify drug targets which may culminate with both drug and vaccine development.

Establishing the capacity to develop and improve on pharmaceutical agents as well as immunization products. Our current research is focused in the field of microbiology to monitor the emergence and spread of newly recognized infectious diseases and to investigate outbreaks of well-known microbial infections.


Dr. Hanan Balkhy is a graduate of King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She completed her pediatric residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston USA 1993-1996; followed by a pediatric infectious diseases fellowship training from 1996-1999 from a joint program of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Balkhy is American Board certified in both Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Disease.


Dr. Balkhy is currently the Executive Director, Infection Prevention and Control at the Ministry of National Guard, a corporate department that over sees the infection control functions of five hospitals under the umbrella of the Saudi Ministry of National Guard. She is also the Director of the GCC Center for Infection Control (2005-current) and the WHO CC (2009-current). The impact of these centers has been to enhance and unify practices in the healthcare settings to the best possible standard to ensure patient safety.

Dr. Balkhy is also an Associate Professor of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Science. Teaching and mentoring both medical and nursing students as well as supervising local and international postgraduate students. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Infection and Public Health and has over 90 publications in peer reviewed journals. She has also been involved in the organization of many educational symposia and seminars in the field of infection control over the past 16 years, nationally and internationally, including ESCMID, ICPIC, ID Week and others.  Dr. Balkhy is also on several WHO committees including the AGISAR, STAG-AMR, and the IHR RC. Finally she has recently been appointed the Chairman of the Infectious Disease Unit at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center at KAMC which focusses on relevant infectious disease research for emerging public health concerns such as multidrug resistance pathogens, hospital infections, tuberculosis and others and has received a research award from her institution acknowledging her leading role in her field. Dr. Balkhy has served on the External Affairs Committee for SHEA and has been recently elected on the board of trustees for SHEA as the international councilor.

  • Develop MNP formulation contains Terminalia bellirica extracts to treats burn patients infected by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Detection and genotyping of Coronaviruses circulating in Riyadh groundwater, wastewaters and environmental samples
  • Complete Genome Sequence Analysis of High-Risk Uropathogenic E. coli Clones ST38 and ST131 in Saudi Arabia
  • Occurrence and Survival of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) on Intensive Care Unit ICU’s Inanimate Surfaces using Disc-Based Carrier test
  • pilot study to perform molecular profiling of the neutralizing antibody repertoire in convalescent plasma of MERS-corona virus infected patients
  • Assessment of potential risk factors for infection with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) among health care personnel in a health care setting
  • Antibiotics Prophylaxis for Surgical Site Infection: Systematic Review, Metaanalysis and GRADE Profiling for Cesarean Section, Breast Canser, Colectomy, Appendectomy Surgery
  • Antibiotics Prophylaxis for Surgical Site Infection: Systematic Review, Metaanalysis and GRADE Profiling for Head and Neck, Joint Replacement and Bone Fracture Surgery
  • Antibiotics Prophylaxis for Surgical Site Infection: Systematic Review, Metaanalysis and GRADE Profiling for Cardiac, Vascular, Hysterectomy and Colorectal Surgery
  • Detection of MERS-COV antibodies among samples obtained from Saudi soldiers in different regions before 2012; A cross-sectional, serological study
  • Surveillance Of Antibiotic Resistant Gram Negative Bacilli In Saudi Arabia And Gulf State
  • Determinants and Predictors of non-compliance with HH among HCW at KAMC- Riyadh
  • Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Patients, Residents and Physicians of Appropriate Antimicrobial Usage and Antimicrobial Resistance in KSA
  • Quantitative Measurement of Antimicrobial use and its Association with antimicrobial Resistance in gram-negative organisms at intensive care units (ICUs) in KAMC- Riyadh
  • Reason for Non-Compliance with Treatment among Viral Hepatitis Patients in KSA
  • Understanding the Virulence of Major Lineages of Uropathogenic E-Coli
  • New Title: Prevalence of latent Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection among National Guard Population in Saudi Arabia
  • Molecular Epidemiology of Human Diarrheal Viruses “Astrovirus and Nerovirus Infections”
  • National Study on the Molecular Epidemiology and Clinical Characterization of Rotavirus Infection in Children
  • Molecular Genetics of Multi Drug Resistant Bacteria at National Guard Hospital
  • Studying the anticancer activity of novel Nano-liposomal formulation encapsulated a mushroom extract called glucan
  • Cancer-targeted pH modulators as a new approach to overcome multidrug resistance
  • Liposomal-thymoquinone formulations enhances aminoglycoside antibiotics activity and reduce its toxicity
  • Manuka honey liposomal formulations to enhance gentamicin and tobramycin antibiotics activity
  • Develop MNP formulation contains Terminalia bellirica extracts to treats burn patients infected by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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