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KAIMRC’s Medical Genomics Research Department (MGRD) is poised to carry out cutting-edge research aimed at addressing medical problems with an emphasis on the people of Saudi Arabia. This department is equipped with the latest technologies to facilitate next-generation sequencing, microarray, cell culture, DNA sequencing, real-time PCR and other molecular biology-based research. Its major areas of research are in the fields of human genetics, medical genomics, cancer genomics, hepatology and cellular/gene therapy.

It is composed of the following core facilities:

Next Generation Sequencing
Gene Cell Therapy
Sanger Sequencing
Real-Time PCR

The Department of Medical Genomics strives to produce high-quality research of translational value. This is manifested by its consistently high performance in the task of publishing papers and generating databases. A very high-capacity biobank is a hallmark of this department. Training of individuals and groups as well as collaboration are a necessary part of medical genomics. There are several collaborations in progress, both inside and outside National Guard-affiliated institutions, including both the hospital and university.

MGRD is expanding its research base to include new scientific areas that can advance KAIMRC further into the arena of medical research.

Dr. Saleh Alghamdi is a self-motivated team player with appropriate managerial experience to lead and motivate the teams. Through a wide communication network and strong commitment towards human resources development and quality improvement, he has the potential to initiate collaboration. He is experienced in Six-Sigma management approach and project management.

His research interests in Cytotechnology, Cellular/Molecular Biology and Early detection of Cancers Diagnostics.


PhD – Pathology (Molecular Pathology)
Div. of Pathology. Medical Molecular Sciences School, University of Nottingham , Nottingham, UK , 2013

Master – Biomedical Science (Cellular Pathology)
Biomedical Center, Faculty of Applied sciences, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff ., UK, 2004

High Diploma Program – Cytotechnology
Clinical Cellular Sciences, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

BSc – Medical Technology
College of Medicine & Allied Sciences , King Abdulaziz University,  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1998

Professional Involvements

American Society of Clinical Pathology as Cytotechnologist CT(ASCP).

International Academy of Cytology as Cytotechnologist CT(IAC).

Member of The Pathological Society of Great Britain & Ireland.

Member of Meddle East Molecular Biology Society (MEMBS).

Member of Saudi Society for Medical Genetic (SSMG) (board member).

Certified quality inspector and knowledgeable of International Standards of Health institutions Accreditation such JCIA, Canadian and CAP as well as the NCAAA and CBAHI.

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