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Population Health Research

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The Population Health Research section was founded with an aim to contribute to the knowledge and implementation of public health at National and regional levels. Our vision is to be the leading regional reference for population health research that induces meaningful change in policy and practice, through establishing a robust and sustainable research ecosystem with multidisciplinary capabilities and effective partnerships.

The section currently consists of three health programs; Adolescent Health Research Program, Military Health Research Program, and Trauma Research Program. Capacity for each program is currently being built through recruitment and training of qualified staff, skilled in designing and conducting research studies and disseminating knowledge gained from its output. The studies will be specifically targeted to addressing current gaps in public health knowledge, health service provision and quality. For each platform, staff will include a team of epidemiologists, research assistants, research coordinators, research aides, and data collectors.

Comin soon

  • Military Health Research Program
  • Trauma Research Program
  • KAIMRC National Health Survey

  • Head: Dr. Suliman Alghnam