Saudi Data Repository

The availability and accessibility of accurate and updated data sources are essential components to research activities as well as to institutional policy making and strategic and operational planning.

SHDR is a national dataset list, which is assembled by the Population Health Research Section (PHRS) to facilitate sharing information among researchers and foster collaboration between investigators via the use of health related data in Saudi Arabia. This resource directs students, researchers and wider research community to access, share and compare data collected, analyzed and published nationwide.

The repository contains ten different domains related to population health; Health Services Research, Adolescent & Child Health, Women Health, Cancer, Diabetes, Communicable Diseases, CVD/CHD, Trauma, Tobacco and Obesity.

First: Identify the domain/specialty of interest.

Second: Search for the study topic or data of interest.

Third: Click on the corresponding link and it will take you to the paper’s page on PubMed.

Fourth: Open the “Author Information “ tab.

Fifth: Get the contact information of the author and/or institution where the data is available.

Sixth: Contact the author(s) and investigate any possibility for collaboration or if they are willing to share their data