Project Summary:

KAIMRC and the National Guard Health Affairs have made history by launching the first Stem Cell Donor Registry in the Arab world. The Stem Cell Registry Program works closely with our Cord Blood Bank and stem cell research remains a top priority for KAIMRC.

In Saudi Arabia, 30% of adult patients and 60% of pediatrics patients cannot find a matching family donor. Therefore, the establishment of the first Saudi Stem Cell Donor Registry for unrelated donors is of utmost need. Stem cell transplantation is used to treat many life-threatening diseases such as Leukemia and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

This registry is a KAIMRC national project launched in line with international standards, and is currently in the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) accreditation and is already part of the World Wide Bone Marrow Registry.

SSCDR offers another chance for patients who cannot find a family donor, by providing a rich database of potential unrelated donors.

Our life-saving registry plans to recruit 100,000 donors in its first five years through nationwide public awareness campaigns, an ambassador program, marathons, and educational campaigns.

Today, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the first in the Arab world with over 10,000 stem cell donors.

Registration is the first step to save a precious life.  Please visit our SSCDR website for additional details.