● How We Disclose our Medical Errors: March 28, 2018

The ongoing Biomedical ethics grand round is a monthly activity led by KAIMRC Bioethics Section. In this effort, we will discuss selected ethical challenges every month, summarize literature around it, generate a collective discussion and generate a summary to be disseminated as experts’ opinion. The objectives of the Biomedical Ethics Grand Rounds are: (1) To discuss the pressing biomedical ethics challenges. (2) To promote research ethics in MNGHA. (3) To advocate for research in ethics and policy improvements.

Biomedical Ethics Grand Rounds poster.

Time: 12:30 pm-02:00 PM 
Instructor/ Presenter: Prof. Abdulaziz Alkaabba, Consultant and Professor of Family Medicine and Bioethics; College of Medicine, Al-Imam University
Course/ Event Email bioethics_edu@ngha.med.sa
Location: KSAU-HS, Postgraduate Training Center (PTC), Ground floor, Lecture Hall (69)
Cost in SR: Free 
Search Words:  Bioethics, ground round, medical errors
Target: All clinical, research and all healthcare providers