● Science and Innovation Day: May 13, 2018

This forum aims to offer the opportunity to explore and discuss potential collaborations among researchers across the academic medical center. All researchers, clinicians and faculty with funded research projects are required to participate in the Science and Innovation Day.

These presentations are not only limited to completed research projects but we also strongly encourage those with preliminary results to present and discuss their findings and progress.

It is mandatory for all research scientists to attend this event.

We look forward to your active participation in these research events in order to contribute to promoting research excellence and collaboration within the medical city.

Time: 09:00 am-03:30 pm
Instructor/ Presenter: Multiple speakers
Course/ Event Email KAIMRC-rtd@ngha.med.sa
Location: KSAU-HS Convention Center- Hall A
Cost in SR: Free
Search Words: Scientists, Science day, innovation
Target: Researchers and all healthcare providers
Program Details
Presented by
Project Title
9:00 – 9:05am Introduction
9:05 – 9:35am Dr. Yaseen Arabi “A randomized blinded placebo controlled trial of hydrocortisone in critically ill patients with septic shock ” PNO”RC12/059”
9:35 – 10:05am Dr. Mustafa Al Zoughool “Effect of lifestyle on the risk of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and investigation of independent and joint association of dietary behavior and exercise in Riyadh ” PNO”RC12/150”
10:05 – 10:35am Dr. Sabin Matou Nasri “Oncogene PIM-1 as Targets for Gene/ Cellular Therapy of B-Cell Lymphoma” “RC12/092”
10:35 – 11:00am
11:00 – 11:30am Dr. Mohammed Aboumaree “Novel Stem Cell-Based Strategies for the Treatment of Preeclampsia” RC15/073”
11:30 – 12:00pm Dr. Manal Alamery “Genetic Analysis and Gene Mapping in Families with Intellectual Disability and Microcephaly and Brain Abnormalities “RC11/046”
12:00 – 1:00pm
 1:00 – 1:30pm  Mohammad AL Blawi  “Molecular Characterization of Relapse Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cases at KAMC-Riyadh “RC12/160”
 1:30 – 2:00pm  Dr. Amre Nasser  “ Cytokine Gene Polymorphism Related to Immune Response in Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria ” PNO”RC13/246”
 2:00 – 2:30pm  Dr. Ahmed Saadeddin  “Risk Assessment Took for Breast Cancer in Saudi Arabia
 2:30 – 3:00pm  Dr. Mohammed Boudjelal  “Studying the Molecular Clock in peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) and B-cell isolated from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and Chronic Myeloid “RC12/158”