● JMP Tutorial: May 2, 2018

The JMP tutorial will cover the following:

  • Overview of JMP user interface
  • JMP key concepts (Datasets, variables, personality, tables, and etc.)
  • Creating new datasets using direct data entry approach.
  • Importing datasets from SPSS and other data sources
  • Descriptive analysis (tables and figures) using interactive features of JMP
  • Common analysis methods such as T-test, Chi-square test, ANOVA, Regression (Linear Logistics)
  • Exporting the results to Word, PDF, Excel, etc.

The registrations is first come first serve basis, please send registration or for any inquiries, contact our Education Coordinator Ms. Hanouf Alhawas at tel# outside MNG-HA 011-4294365-inside MNG-HA 8494365 you may also correspond with our team via our email address: kaimrc-rtd2@NGHA.MED.SA

Time: 01:00 pm-3:00 pm
Instructor/ Presenter: Mr. Abin Thomas
Course/ Event Email kaimrc-rtd2@NGHA.MED.SA
Location: KAIMRC Conference D, 2nd floor
Cost in SR: Free
Search Words: Healthcare professionals, researchers, clinical research, scientists, statistics, analysis
Target: Healthcare professionals, clinical research coordinators, researchers and scientists