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A Method of Treating Leukemia Based on Gene Expression of Clock Genes

The regulation of the body rhythm is directed by the biological clock, which is commonly referred to as the circadian rhythm. The biological clock maintains the body’s adaptation to environmental changes during the day and night through regulating the pathways governing many physiological processes.
The biological clock exists in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. It is an important component of the cells and organs. Two clock systems exist in the mammalian system. The central clock that is located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), which can synchronize the secondary clocks, which are found in the peripheral organs and tissues through hormonal secretion such as melatonin and cortisol as well as modulating the body temperature.
this invention developed a method for administering a subsequent course of a treatment to a subject having myelogenous leukemia based on an effectiveness of a present course of treatment evaluated by gene expression levels in core clock genes and peripheral clock genes.

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