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Intravenous Catheter Stopper

Intravenous catheters are used for intravenous (IV) access and providing IV therapy such as injection of medicine and/or fluid to a patient.  IV therapy is beneficial for several conditions and medical situations including dehydration, nutrition, physiological shock, surgery, blood transfusions, chemotherapy and medication administration.

There are many types of IV catheters that can be used for peripheral and/or central IV use.  An example of an IV catheter is an over-the-needle catheter having a cannula that is inserted into a vein via a needle/trocar.  The needle/trocar is inserted through a lumen of the cannula, where the needle/trocar is inserted into the vein and then withdrawn, leaving the cannula within the vein.  IV catheters can be used intermittently; however, difficulty can arise when the cannula is blocked.

Therefore, an Intravenous Catheter Stopper has developed for preventing blockage of a cannula of an intravenous catheter in-between uses which has multiple benefits.

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