● Success of the 6th Annual Forum for Medical Research

The 6th Annual Forum for Medical Research hosted by KAIMRC last week was a tremendous success. It has been KAIMRC’s pleasure to have hosted many internationally renowned research professionals for the three-day event.

The first day of the forum, on the 8th of December, commenced with four parallel full-day workshops.  These were high-level workshops designed to delve into diverse subject matter through international experts to provide innovative information to all healthcare enthusiasts as well as young researchers who are interested in the field of medical research.  The day offered the following workshops: Certification for Clinical Research Professionals; How to Publish and Rigor and Discipline in Research; Patents, Innovations and Intellectual Property Registration at MNG-HA; and Towards Personalized and Precision Medicine for Diabetes and Cancer.

The second day began the more expansive forum itself.  Prior to the official opening ceremony, three keynote lectures were given covering research areas of interest to KAIMRC ranging from applied R&D in the area of precision medicine for diabetes using genomics to health care and population health.

The Opening Ceremony was attended by nearly three thousand healthcare enthusiasts.  KAIMRC was honored to host His Royal Highness Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (insert his full title as a Minister). The ceremony started with an inspirational speech on paving a way forward in research given by the Executive Director of King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Dr. Ahmed Alaskar. His Excellency, Dr. Bandar Al Knawy, Chief Executive Officer, MNGHA, echoed many of Dr. Alaskar’s sentiments regarding the critical piece that research plays in our knowledge-based economic endeavors with strong emphasis on the importance to align behind a focused strategy that was developed recently at KAIMRC.

Continued support to King Abdullah International Medical Research Center by The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz AlSaud, is proof of the attention given to innovation, research and development in the medical field and various health projects.  With hopes that awarding such research will bring the highest of world standards to the Kingdom, the Minister of the National Guard, Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, announced an annual award for 1 million SAR that is dedicated to research and innovation during the 6th Annual Scientific Forum.

Additionally, there were plaques of appreciation for the most innovative research and the dedication made apparent by the prestigious guests.  In parallel, were two series of lectures.  The first was entitled “Children’s Healthcare” and the other was entitled, “Cancer: From Bench to the Bedside.”  The day then came to a conclusion with two additional lecture series: “Adolescents and Quality Research” and “Basic Research.”

The third and final day of the 6th Annual Forum for Medical Research was opened by a discussion from keynote international speakers on “Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Cancer.”  Next, the topics of strategy, funding and implementation for research were explored in further detail.  After lunch, the participants were able to choose between the topics of “Research” in general and “KAIRMC Funded Research” for more information.  The final sessions included discussions on “Public Health Research” and “Stem Cell and Medical Research,” as a means of ending the forum on two topics with significance in modern research.  Finally, the Closing Ceremony was presided over by Dr. Ahmed Alaskar, Executive Director of King Abdullah International Medical Research Center for his closing remarks.

Throughout the last two days, participants were asked to visit the multitude of booths representing KAIMRC’s various sections to find out more information about how their research can be aided by KAIMRC efforts.  This was an opportunity to network for both researchers and KAIMRC staff.  Additionally, poster presentations were open for the public to view to further liaise with the researchers themselves.

We hope that the collaborative links that were established at the Forum will thrive in the upcoming weeks and we look forward to the practical applications of the skills and information generated during the conference. Please continue to follow our organization for updates. Thank you to all who attended and who participated for a wonderfully successful event.  We look forward to your presence next year.