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Trauma Regsitry Project

Project Abstract:Trauma cause significant suffering to the society, leading not only to human loss but also leaves people temporarily or permanently disabled. It drains a lot of resources and leads to major economic loss. The average estimated cost of accidents in Saudi Arabia every year is SR 21 billion.  

In Saudi Arabia our statistics on Trauma are scarce and to a large extent inaccurate i.e. KAMC Trauma Registry shows that Hospital mortality is 8% while the Saudi Ministry of Health report (1998) indicates that Hospital Mortality from trauma is 81%. Riyadh Traffic Police produces annual statistics on the number of road accidents and the number of injured individuals but no statistics on the number of cases of assault, drowning, fire and fall from height. Traffic Police annual statistics shows that annual mortality from motor vehicle accidents (MVA) range between 4500-5500 / per year. This figure only counts individuals dying at the scene of the accident and those that die in the ER but does not include people dying at the OR, ICU or surgical floor from the injuries. Comparative studies showed that mortality within two hours of trauma is equal to 48% of total trauma making the actual number of mortality from car motor vehicle accident (MVA) in Saudi Arabia between 9,000 – 11,000.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to improve trauma care in our country, we need have accurate statistics and valid data for trauma cases, and plan on implementing injury prevention programs, further more since we have one of the highest rates of trauma accidents we need to study the feasibility of applying the Trauma System in Saudi Arabia.

As part of King Abdullah International Medical Research Center National Projects, we are proposing to implement the National Trauma System Project, and due to the complexity of applying such a system and taking into consideration the political and technical obstacles we are planning to do a city wide trauma registry and then consider applying the 1st component of Trauma System which is unifying the access to the emergency services.


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