● KAIMRC Researcher Makes Progress on MVA Development at Oxford University

A KAIMRC researcher, Dr. Naif AlHarbi, has published three articles on MVA development while continuing his research at Oxford University.

MVA is an attenuated viral vector, used to deliver vaccines against Malaria, TB, Flu, HIV, HCV, Ebola, and MERS-CoV. Since 2000, it has been tested in humans (adults, infants, and immunocompromised) for various vaccine candidates.

The 3 articles describe various approaches to increase the immunogenic profiles of MVA.

The most promising approach was to use strong early endogenous poxviral promoters to express vaccine antigens. One promoter, named pF11, enhanced cellular responses to malaria and Flu vaccine candidates. MVA endogenous promoters, e.g. pF11, were filed in a patent by the researchers in Oxford University.

The three articles can be found below:

Deletion of Fifteen Open Reading Frames from Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara Fails to Improve Immunogenicity

Investigation of IRES Insertion into the Genome of Recombinant MVA as a Translation Enhancer in the Context of Transcript Decapping

Enhancing cellular immunogenicity of MVA-vectored vaccines by utilizing the F11L endogenous promoter