● The Visit of Oxford University Group 2nd day

A delegation of distinguished experts and renowned scientists from Oxford University is visiting KAIMRC for 3 days. The delegation is led by a world leading scientist and clinician, Prof. David Kerr. Prof. Kerr has remarkable achievements in cancer research and therapy. He is a leading expert in colorectal cancer and a major contributor to precision  medicine for Cancer.  He has also remarkable contributions to biotechnology development  which is a vital and a strategic  direction of any research institution aiming to contribute to knowledge based economy.Kerr’s clinical research into adjuvant therapy of early stage colorectal cancer has contributed to saving thousands of lives over the past two decades.

Kerr has published over 350 papers in peer reviewed journals.

Prof. Russel Leek, is an academic scientist working in the field of cancer biology with an expert understanding of the scientific principles of cancer and a large body of research publications. His main specialisation has been in cancer pathology .

Prof. Raghib Ali is a Clinical Epidemiologist in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, an Honorary Consultant in Acute Medicine at the John Radcliffe Hospital and Director of the INDOX Cancer Research Network. His main research interests are the aetiology, prevention & treatment of non-communicable diseases in Middle Eastern and South Asian populations.

Prof. Nick La Thangue is a Professor of Cancer Biology, Department of Oncology; Fellow of Linacre College . He has authored over 150 publications and is an inventor on an extensive number of patents. His academic research is focussed on the molecular mechanisms that give rise to the abnormal proliferation of tumour cells, and translating these insights into new opportunities for treatments.