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Cartilage Prosthetic Implant

Prosthetic implant for replacement of cartilage in a joint, comprises a proximal implant configured to replace a cartilage of a proximal bone in the joint, and a distal implant configured to replace a cartilage of distal bone in the joint. The proximal implant is fixed to the proximal bone at least one fixation area. The distal implant is fixed to the distal bone at least at one fixation area, where neither the proximal bone nor the distal bone are required to be cut.

USE – The prosthetic implant is useful for replacement of cartilage in a joint (claimed) such as knee joint, to repair or to replace a damaged body part and to restore the body part’s lost functions, and as a permanent treatment or an intermediate treatment before requiring a total joint replacement. No biological data given.

ADVANTAGE – The prosthetic implant: can replace the cartilage in the joint without cutting underlying bones of the joint; repairs or replaces a damaged body part and restores the body part’s lost functions without causing a collateral damage; removes cartilage on both ends of each bone in the joint instead of cutting the bone in the joint; reduces or eliminates a risk of a bone fracture near the cartilage prosthetic implant and corresponding complications; has a greater stability and reduces a likelihood of a complication; requires a shortened surgery duration to be implanted, thus decreasing an associated surgical cost as well as a risk to a patient under a prolonged anesthesia; can maintain or restore a native joint anatomy, thus allowing for a natural movement at the join; and improves a movement at the knee joint.

Patent Number(s): WO2016067115-A3 ; US2016367369-A1

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