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Protective Surgical Cutter

Removal of a ring worn on a finger, toe, or other body part may be necessary at times. However, under certain circumstances the ring may not be removed by simply sliding it off the body due to, for example, swelling or injury of the body, or deformation of the ring itself. In such situations, the ring may need to be removed with the use of an apparatus or method other than sliding the ring off the body.

However, such apparatus and methods may pose risks to the wearer of a ring, particularly the risk of getting cut or injured during ring removal, in some cases resulting in severe and potentially life threatening wounds.

For this reason it is important that improved methods and apparatuses for the safe removal of rings from the body continue to be developed with the aim of reducing the frequency and severity of injuries arising from ring removal procedures.

Therefore, an apparatus and method are developed for surgical removal of a ring that aim to reduce the frequency and harshness of injuries ascending from ring removal procedures

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