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Methods and System for Body Temperature Regulation

The artificial hypothalamus system has control system (130) is configured to convert the sensor data to fuzzy values when the sensor data is not in the predetermined normal range. One or more related consequents of the predetermined fuzzy rules are combined. The consequent is determined based on the evaluation of an antecedent. The combined consequents are evaluated to determine a centroid value using a centroid method. The centroid value is transmitted to a thermal management system (140) to activate a thermal management system to a predetermined activation level based on the centroid value.

USE – Artificial hypothalamus system for regulating body temperature for a human.

ADVANTAGE – The artificial hypothalamus can cause cooling to begin again when the skin is warm, thereby creating a warm and cold cycle, which prevents the patient’s hypothalamus from reacting negatively. The temperature regulation system can eliminate or significantly reduce the adverse effects, improve blood flow, and therefore improve temperature regulation efficiency and patient comfort through real time temperature regulation. The control system can utilize the fuzzy logic system to determine optimal cooling, thereby determining the appropriate output for the thermal management system.

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