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Pneumatic Device for Treating Intussusception

The pneumatic system for intussusception treatment, i.e., invagination of a segment of the intestine into
an adjacent segment, includes a pressurized gas supply connected to a series of filters, valves, regulators, and sensors connected to a rectal insertion tube to introduce gas at moderate pressure into the intestine of the patient. A computerized control and monitoring subsystem is included. The system preferably includes a heating system to warm the gas as desired. The system also preferably includes an exhaust portion to relieve internal intestinal pressure as required or desired. The exhaust portion of the system preferably includes a filter to absorb undesirable fecal odors that accompany the exhausted gas. At least the rectal insertion tube and the odor filter may be separable from the remainder of the system for convenient disposal. An alarm may be provided to alert the doctor or medical professional of conditions other than normal.