● 3rd Stem Cell Conference Closed

The 3rd stem cell conference closes today its activities after 3 days of very interactive sessions and stimulating discussions in a number of areas in the stem cell field including but not limited to mesenchymal stem cells properties and their relevance to therapeutic interventions. Pluripotent and multipotent stem cells from human umbilical cord blood and their application to drug metabolism studies as well as improving the quality of and usage of cord blood transplants are among the very rich program that took place during the conference.

A number of therapeutic applications of stem cell have been presented such as in neurological diseases (stroke), sickle cell disease, osteoporosis and others. Multiple applications of placental stem cells have been presented and discussed  during this conference which gathered in addition to local speakers, a set of international speakers from 11 countries including Canada, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Australia, UK, UAE.

The conference was a great opportunity to shed light on the recent developments in the stem cell field research and clinical applications. It was also a great opportunity to explore collaborative opportunities between local scientists and their international peers.