● The 7th Annual Forum for Medical Research- Photo Gallery

This year’s Annual Forum for Medical Research organized under the theme “Aligning with the Saudi National Vision 2030:  Innovative Medical Research Impact on Economy” aimed at bringing together national and international leading scientists, R&D experts and senior representatives from the Academia, the private sector and government entities and shed light on challenges, opportunities and way forward in making medical research a cornerstone of the knowledge based economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to contribute to achieving the goals of Saudi National Vision 2030.

The forum included a set of sessions dedicated to a variety of timely topics of interest to all scientists, physicians, faculty, R&D executives and government representatives. Examples of topics that were addressed during the forum included:

  1. Strengthening Medical Biotechnology Development
  2. Measuring the Impact of Research
  3. Achieving Higher Standard Publications
  4. Improving Health through science: Phase 1 Clinical Trials

In addition to other sessions dedicated to innovative research in strategic diseases areas such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases.

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