● Dr. Mohamed Boudjelal’s Visit to the Institute of Drugs, Beijing, China

The Chairman of the Medical Research Core Facility and Platform, KAIMRC, Dr. Mohamed Boudjelal received a warm reception from Director Jiang Jiandong, Associate Researcher Han Yanxing, Associate Researcher Wang Lulu, Assistant Researcher Zhan Yun and others during a meeting at the Institute of Drugs.

During the visit, Director Jiang Jiandong welcomed Dr. Mohamed Boudjelal and briefly introduced the achievements and main research directions of the Institute of Drug Research.  Director Jiang Jiandong thanked Dr. Boudjelal for his briefing related to KAIMRC, noting that the center was committed to the internationalization of biomedical and clinical research to explore the forefront of research with the goal of improving human health science. The institute is conducting several clinical research studies and focuses on innovation to encourage high levels of biomedical research. Meetings consisted of in-depth discussions related to infectious diseases, tumors and other current international research topics as well as future cooperation. Dr.  Boudjelal also visited the Institute of Drugs and some laboratories of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, accompanied by Director Jiang Jiandong.