● Dr Imadul Islam’s visit to the American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in San Francisco

Dr Imadul Islam, Drug Discovery Senior Scientist in KAIMRC-Core Facility, attended the 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition at Muscone Center, San Francisco from April 2-6, 2017. Dr Imadul Islam presented a poster on a new class of Anthracene-based antineoplastic compounds. These compounds were synthesized at KAIRMC as “photochemically responsive crystals” but “repossessed” as potential anticancer compounds. This annual events is attended by 15000-17000 individuals and cover all disciplines of chemistry including, but not limited to, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, computational drug discovery, drug process development, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and pharmacology.

The poster was well received and Dr Islam discussed developing SAR ( Structure-Activity Relationship) around the template.  Among several scientists who visited the presentation, Dr. Barry Bunin, President and CEO of Collaborative Drug Discovery www.collaborativedrug.com was a surprise highlight. He offered his services to KAIMRC drug discovery platform.

The co-authors of the poster are Atef Nehdi, Rabih O. Al-Kaysi, Ahmed Alaskar and Mohamed Boudjelal