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Placental Mesenchymal Stem Cells as an Alternative Therapy for Atherosclerosis

Research Summary

Despite significant progress in the availability of treatment options, atherosclerosis with its associated complications are still the leading cause of deaths worldwide. Atherosclerosis is the process of cholesterol deposition in and around the arterial vessels that leads to the formation of plaque. When plaque ruptures, it leads to harmful effects. It causes vessel occlusion, thromboembolic complications and stroke. An interaction between inflammatory and hemostatic pathways is believed to be responsible for the onset and aggravation of atherosclerosis. Endothelial damage as a result of inflammation and thrombosis will also worsen atherosclerosis. Currently, there are no effective therapies for atherosclerosis, and therefore new treatment regimens are essential to be discovered. We found that placental MSCs have the ability to protect endothelial cells from damage by inflammatory mediators and immune cells in vitro. In addition, placental MSCs have antithrombotic activity. In this study, we are using placental MSCs in atherosclerotic experimental animal model to examine their potential of treating atherosclerosis. This study will open new areas to identify new therapeutic for atherosclerosis.