● KACST – BWH/Harvard 2nd Workshop: Collaborative Researches in Biomedicine February 26 – February 27, 2018

The purpose of the workshop is to accomplish the goal of this CEBM in collaboration between KACST and Brigham and Women’s Hospital/ Harvard, and KAIMRC- DMD. The workshop will focus on three tracks: (1) Stem Cell Therapeutics and Imaging. (2) Accelerated Nano-Medical Innovation. (3) Molecular mechanism and Genetics of Neurological Disorders.


Time: 09:00 am- 3:45:00 pm
Instructor/ Presenter: Dr. Bandar Alknawy, CEO, MNG-HA, Dr. Ahmed Alaskar, ED, KAIMRC, Dr. Manal Alaamery, Head DMD, Dr.Khalid Shah, Harvard-BWHI, Dr. Jeff Karp, Harvard-BWH, Dr. Fran Quintana, Harvard-BWH 
Course/ Event Email KAIMRC-rtd@ngha.med.sa
Location: KACST (26-Feb-2018), and KAIMRC Auditorium (27-Feb-2018)
Cost in SR: N/A
Search Words: stem cell, nanomedicine, innovation, genetics, neurological diseases, symposium, biomedicine
Target: All clinical, research and all healthcare providers