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Research Quality Management

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Research is a complex scientific process that requires effective coordination and teamwork as well as reliable information, materials, and equipment. The Research Quality Management Section (RQMS) was established to manage and continuously improve these complex activities. This section works exclusively to improve the quality of services provided by the KAIMRC. The RQMS is responsible for developing an effective Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure systematic and optimal quality improvement in the research center. The focus of the RQMS is continuous performance improvement and improvement of the overall institution’s organizational environment by implementing high international standards.
The RQMS provides ongoing support to all sections of the KAIMRC through training and consultation, so that they can then implement the quality management systems efficiently and effectively.
QMS as well as KAIMRC services are regularly monitored to assess the level of performance by developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and to assure compliance with the national and international quality standards.

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  • Developing, reviewing and updating Administrative Policies and Procedures (APPs)
  • Developing, reviewing and updating Departmental Policies and Procedures (DPPs)
  • Establishing Research Quality Assessment and Monitoring System
  • Establishing, reviewing and updating Research Proposals Processing System
  • Obtaining the required National and International Institutional Accreditations
  • Developing, reviewing and updating Institutional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Developing, reviewing and updating Departmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Assuring the completeness of the Departmental Manual
  • Conducting Internal Quality Management
  • Conducting Corrective and Preventive Actions for Services
  • Managing the customers’ complaints thorough Online Complain Registrations System
  • Developing KAIMRC Client Satisfaction System
  • Managing the risks associated with KAIMRC Services