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Experimental Medicine

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The state-of-the-art animal research facilities at King Abdullah International Medical Center are designed according to international standards to ensure the safety and human care of research animals. Three vivariums will be inaugurated in Riyadh, Dammam and Al Ahsa, respectively.

The Vivarium Research Facility provides a complete range of equipment for recombinant DNA research, and Transgenesis, together with the latest generation of optical, and SPECT Imaging and Magnetic Resonance imaging . Each vivarium is staffed with highly qualified veterinarians to ensure proper handling, care, and use of animals in scientific, human, and ethical principles.
Further, each Vivarium Research Facility is open for international accreditation and regular monitoring by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.
The animal core facility is composed of 4 units namely the laboratory animals, reproductive biology and transgenesis, imaging, and experimental surgery.
The EMD contributes to KAIMRC mission namely advancement of knowledge and improvement of human health through excellent animal service-support, biomedical research and teaching.
Its function is double:
First, it functions as a service-oriented core namely to assist researchers at King Abdulaziz Medical City by providing animals and veterinary expertise as well as offering teaching in animal use for research.
Second, the Experimental Medicine Department performs its own research in various fields including heatstroke, Diabetes, and critical illnesses.  It also serves as a vital link between basic and clinical research arena.

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