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Medical Research Core Facilities & Platforms

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The Medical Research Core Facility and Platforms comprises of the following units, the Cell & Tissue Culture Unit, Biochemical & Molecular Biology Unit, Drug Discovery, Development & Clinical Research Unit and Light & Electron Microscopy Unit, MA spectroscopy Unit. Each unit has specific purpose and contribution to the resources of researchers.

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  1. Drug Discovery
    1. Antibody drug conjugate for cancer and immune-inflammation.
    2. Small molecules for MERS-COV
    3. Small molecules for Cancer therapy
  1. Cancer Research
    1. Screening Natural products as anticancer for leukemia and breast cancer
    2. Establishing new immortalized cell lines from patient samples and studying mechanism of action of known drugs.
    3. Role of Molecular Clock in cancer progression
  1. Rare Diseases Research
    1. Discovery mechanism of action of certain genes involved in rare diseases
    2. Discovery of Metabolomics and Proteomic changes in rare diseases
    3. Discovery of novel biomarkers for early delectation
  • Cell Culture Facility
  • Microbiology and Molecular Biology Lab
  • Lentivirus and Baculovirus Generation Lab
  • RNA and DNA Lab: QPCR, PCR, Automatic DNA/DNA Analyzer
  • Microscopy Suite (Fluorescence, Confocal, Etc)
  • Cell Life Imaging
  • Flow Cytometry
  • High Speed Centrifuges
  • Disease Expertise
  • Drug Discovery (screening, small molecules, assay development, lentivirus based siRNA)
  • Plate readers: Fluorescence, FRET, Luminescence etc.
  • Disease specific assay: Reporters, Colony Formation, Primary Cell Culture, Stable Cell Line generations etc.