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Colorectal Cancer Research Program

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Cancer statistics in Saudi Arabia are growing at an alarming rate. Colorectal cancer tops the list among males. Research that can lead to better prevention, therapy and policy-making will be helpful in decreasing its prevalence and thus the burden on healthcare facilities. It has been achieved in other parts of the world and is feasible in the kingdom as well. Our research focus areas with a vision to address the clinical problems are:

  • Developing Precision/personalized medicine approach
  • Prevention
  • Targeting Metastatic stages

This program aims to generate evidence and data that can be acted upon to improve healthcare for colorectal cancer patients. Eventually there will be products and procedures that can reduce the burden of colorectal cancer.

Our focus on early and accurate diagnosis and prevention will help mitigate the effect of cancer on the Saudi population and contribute to the global efforts in addressing a high incidence cancer. Our research will help advice in formulating national policies on the prevention of colorectal cancers with strong genetic influence. Screening, change in diet and lifestyle, and patient registries based on our research will help reverse the course of increasing incidence in Saudi Arabia.

Coming soon

  • Integrative approach towards designing better therapeutic strategies against cancer
  • Role of Free Fatty Acid Receptors in colorectal cancer
  • Role of ATP8B1 in colorectal Cancer
  • Patient level identification of driver copy number changes integrated with gene expression