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Filing a New Innovation

In order to promote innovation and intellectual property awareness among MNG-HA, KSAU-HS, researchers, innovators, students, and staff, and to safeguard their innovative ideas, KAIMRC would like to share the below procedure that outlines the patent filing process at MNG-HA.

The major function of our Innovation and Technology Transfer Management Office (ITTMO) is to protect and manage the intellectual property of MNG-HA affiliates. It will guide users through the process of filing and registering innovative ideas and inventions as patents.

Please follow below steps on how to file a patent:

  1. Download these forms :
    • A- For USPTO application :
    • B- For SPO application :
      • KAIMRC Innovator Agreement (download)
      • KAIMRC Invention Disclosure form for SPO (download)
      • Declaration & Assignment (download)
  2. Fill in the necessary forms.
  3. Inventors are recommended to fill in the forms carefully and describe their invention thoroughly.
  4. Send the forms to the departmental email: techtransfer@ngha.med.sa
  5. ITTMO will contact you after reviewing your documents and take you to the next level.