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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

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IACUC refers to Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee which oversees and evaluates all aspect of the institution’s animal care and use. The committee is responsible for ensuring the proper care and welfare of animals involved in research according to national and international regulations and standards.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Review guidelines, policy and procedures for ethical handling and use of animals in experimental research, teaching/education or training, testing, forensic, or breeding purposes at MNG-HA, KSAU-HS and KAIMRC.
  • Approve research proposals that involve use of animals at MNG-HA, KSAU-HS and KAIMRC as part of the proposal approval process.
  • Promote the cause of responsible and humane treatment of animals in science through monitoring and training.
  • Oversee animal research program and facilities at MNG-HA, KSAU-HS and KAIMRC.
  • Review and evaluate animal research projects at MNG-HA, KSAU-HS and KAIMRC.
  • Review non-compliance reports and recommend corrective actions to protect animal well-being.
  • Ensure timely response to reports from investigators regarding adverse or unexpected events.
  • Ensure that the animal facilities meet the ethical standards (personnel, physical place, safety and procedures etc.)


For Investigators / Researchers

  • Upon successful completion of the review by the research office, the research office will refer the proposal with all supporting documents to IACUC for ethical approval.
  • Investigators willing to include animal work in the proposed research project MUST submit “The Animal Ethics Application Form”.
  • For previously approved animal research proposals, please make sure to submit your extension request two month prior to expiration of your approval.
  • For extension request, please submit: 1) Animal Extension Form, 2) Extension Request Memo, and 3) Annual Financial Report.


Additional Note

  • Deadline for document collection is 15th of each month.
  • Meeting will be conducted first week of each month.
  • Turnout time is around 2 weeks.

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