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Management Committee

Transforming health through science.

Dr. Ahmed Alaskar
Executive Director

Dr. Majid Alfadhel
Deputy Executive Director

Dr. Barrak Al Somaie
Director, Operations
Dr. Majed Al Jeraisy
Chairman, Research Office
Dr. Mohamed Hussein
Chairman, Department of  Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Dr. Hanan Balkhy
Chairman, Infectious Diseases Research
Dr. Abderrezak Bouchama
Chairman, Experimental Medicine Department
Dr. Mohammed Boudjelal
Chairman, Core Facility And Platforms
Dr. Manal Al Aamery
Head, Developmental Medicine Department and Saudi Biobank
Dr. Ibraheem Bushnak
Head, Research Training and Development Section
Mr. Khalid Al Zahrani
Director, Advanced Computing And Technologies
Dr. Dunia Jawdat
Director, Cord Blood Bank
Dr. Abdelali Haoudi
Head, Research Strategy & Development Section

Dr. Fayhan Roqi
Director, Immunology Research Program

Dr. Mohammed Abumaree

Director, Stem Cell & Regenerative Unit

Dr. Majed Halawani
Head, Nanomedicine

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Sultan
Chairman, Department of Cellular Therapy and Cancer Research
Dr. Adel Al Mutairi
Director, STU Unit
Dr. Abdallah Adlan
Head, Bioethics Section
Dr. Salman Al Fadhel
Head, Pharmaceutical Analysis Section

Dr. Suliman Alghnam
Head, Population Health

Mr. Abdullah Al Turki
Associate Operations Director

Mr. Zaki Rabhan
Acting Operations Administrator Laboratory Services
KAIMRC – Western Region
Dr. Suliman Al Ghamdi
Head, Western Region
Dr. Amr Suhail Albanna
Head, Research Office
Dr. Mona Al Dabbagh
Head, Research Training and Development Section
Dr. Khaled Alsayegh
Acting Associate Director Biomedical Research
KAIMRC – Eastern Region
Dr. Ali Al Qarni
Head, Eastern Region
Dr. Fahad Al Sufayan
Head, Research Office
Mr. Abdulaziz Al Osaimi
Operations Manager
Dr. Mohammed Al Jamaan
Officer in Charge, Research Office
Dr. Ahmed Bakillah
Officer in Charge, Research Training and Development Section