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Executive Office-Dpt

Executive Office

KAIMRC’s Executive Office oversees the activities, works-in-progress, actions and accomplishments of all the sections in KAIMRC.

Operations Section-Dpt

Operations Section

The Operations Section is the primary support group that oversees the viability of the day to day operation of KAIMRC.  Headed by the Director of Operations, this Section ensures effective management of Finance, Human Resources, Logistics and General Services.


Strategy and Business Development

The Office of Strategy and Business Development is responsible for the successful understanding, communications and implementation of KAIMRC’s strategy utilizing the Balanced Scorecard approach.

Research Quality Management-Dpt

Research Quality Management

The Research Quality Management Section (RQMS) works exclusively to improve the quality of services provided by the KAIMRC. RQMS is responsible for an effective Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure systematic and optimal quality improvement in the research center.


Research Office

KAIMRC’s Research Office was established to support and guide the highly-motivated researchers in conducting basic and advanced clinical research, including clinical trials.

Advanced Computing and Technologies-Dpt

Advanced Computing and Technologies

Advanced Computing and Technologies Department aims to provide and maintain the applications and services running academic, research, administrative business processes, engineering consultations, including solutions and deep technical training for researchers on new engineering or technical techniques when needed for specific research.


Innovation and Technology Transfer Management Office (ITTMO)

ITTMO was established in 2012 as a KAIMRC initiative to manage intellectual properties produced by researchers at KAIMRC, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Science (KSAU-HS), and NGHA.  Its mission includes registering patents and trademarks at patent offices around the world, patent licensing and commercializing, as well as the promotion of Intellectual Property’s awareness.

Science & Technology Unit (STU)

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Experimental Medicine-Dpt

Experimental Medicine

Experimental Medicine Department conducts experimental research using laboratory animals and translational studies. It also assists biomedical research in providing animals and technical service by highly qualified veterinarians and scientists.


Infectious Diseases Research Department

Infectious Diseases Research Department focus on the field of microbiology to monitor the emergence and spread of newly recognized infectious diseases and to investigate outbreaks of well-known microbial infections.


Population Health Research

Population Health Research section aims to contribute to the knowledge and implementation of public health at the national and regional levels through advancing, supporting and advocating state-of-the-art research in fields of population health and health services and through delivering evidence for policy makers.


Developmental Medicine

The ultimate goal of this department is to study rare genetic disorders and abnormalities and develop therapeutics to treat common diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It consists of three main labs: the brain genome lab, the therapy development lab, and the birth defects lab.



Currently, Bioequivalence Center is under its establishment stage and its purpose is to improve the quality of healthcare and health outcomes by ensuring the high quality of generic drugs used in the Kingdom.

UFC Biotech

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Western Region

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Saudi Biobank

Saudi Bio-Banking project is a large-scale study of the combined effects of genes, environment, and lifestyle on common diseases within the community.  The Saudi Bio-Banking plans to recruit a group of 200,000 subjects that form the population of the catchment areas including National Guard housing and clinics.


Cord Blood Bank

The CBB at KAIMRC is a non-profit public cord blood bank, which is going to be responsible for donor mother recruitment, collection process, CB processing process, testing, cryopreservation, storage, listing, selection and distribution.  It is to be used for patients in need of cord blood stem cell transplantation.

Colorectal Cancer Research Program

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Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Department

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The presence of Nanotechnology, alongside other research areas, plays an important role in advancing the medical field. The Nanomedicine group focuses on applications of nanotechnology in a medical/ clinical context. The group gathers distinguished researchers with different backgrounds to conduct research, share ideas and discuss prospects of the field.


Saudi Stem Cells Donor Registry

The Saudi Bone Marrow Donor Registry will provide a large database of Bone Marrow donors to facilitate finding those donors for patients suffering from incurable diseases such as Leukemia and genetic diseases e.g. sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, genetic immune deficiency diseases and especially for those patients who do not have a donor from their family or relatives..

Clinical Cardiovascular Research Program

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Ethics in the academic sense is increasingly becoming an indispensable entity that is paving its way through a multitude of disciplines. It gained tremendous momentum with the new developments witnessed in Medicine and Biological research.


Medical Research Core Facility and Platforms

KAIMRC’s Medical Research Core Facility and Platforms provide MNGHA scientists with customized research reagents, consumables and services, as well as laboratory spaces fully equipped with the latest scientific and technological platforms, enabling them to conduct and excel in their medical research work in a safe and pleasant environment.


Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

The Bioinformatics and Research Consulting Services (BRCS) Department is the computational arm of the research center. In general, the section focuses on the areas of Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Modeling, and Research Data Management.


Medical Genomics Research Department

KAIMRC’s Medical Genomics Research Department is poised to carry out cutting-edge research aimed at addressing medical problems with an emphasis on the people of Saudi Arabia.


Research Training and Development Section (RTDS)

The Research Promotion and Education Section (RPES) aims to improve research education, research leadership, research mentorship and research collaboration skills for the faculty and students of KAMC.